Friday, July 18, 2014

PLEASE READ - Linking to the challenge and voting

Hey everyone!
It seems that the link up tool had a tiny rule that I didn't realize before - and it's making a big difference!

Usually you have the whole month to enter the challenges, but when I turn in the voting option on the 1st each month, it seems you can't vote anymore after that (not sure of that yet)! I just realized this now, because I wanted to enable voting along the whole challenge time and the link up button was gone when the voting started...

So, I will change a little bit the way voting is set in order to make sure you still have a whole month to join the challenge: the voting will begin after the 15th and you will have two weeks to vote.

For example: you will have from July 15th to August 15th to enter the challenge and the voting will be enable from August 15th to September 1st. This will give you a whole month to enter the challenge and another two weeks to come back and vote. This way, the voting for the last challenge will be at the same time as the beggining of the next challenge, and you won’t forget to vote!  ;)

 I think this voting option is more transparent, as voting is allowed by IP numbers and each IP can vote only 3 times. There's no way to vote twice using the same internet IP and we are all sure that each vote came from a different person (or at least, from a different internet conexion).

ABOUT THIS MONTH CHALLENGE: I enabled the blue button and tried to link the addresses you left on the comments, but I can't. For each link, they ask for your name AND an e-mail...That's why I deeply apologize for this mess and kindly ask you to go back to the post and add your links.

Sorry for the mess and thanks for listening!
If you need anything, just write to me!